l2jserver - Freya -rev server 4474 dp 7739 - 12 Января 2011 - Cкачай, создай свой сервер Lineage2 Как создать сервер
Воскресенье, 26.03.2017, 19:58
Создай свой сервер Lineage 2
  C4 C5 C6 Interlude/Freya
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Главная » 2011 » Январь » 12 » l2jserver - Freya -rev server 4474 dp 7739
l2jserver - Freya -rev server 4474 dp 7739

Разработчик: L2j Server
Размер: 24,5 Мб
Хроники: Freya
Платформа: Java
rev: serv 4474, dp 7739

Качать по ссылкам:
depositfiles (24,5 Мб) - letitibit


XML: Moving activationMinDamage to effect in Counter Critical …
Quest reward in Pavel's Research changed, thx netvirus
XML: Some Katei's Cube Zones.
XML: Minor improvement in WalkerRoutes?.xsd also added skill …
XML: Minor typo fix in skill 5686, thanks Pere.
SQL: Missing Skills in skill tree for Arbalester, thanks alextaicho.
dp for [L4468]
dp for [L4469]
SQL: Updating clanhall_siege_guards.sql.
invalid: Never.
HP is too big.
clan and ally quest update, thx Charus.
new buttons for auction, thx Charus.
XML: Let's move skill trees to a folder, also converted some skill trees …
when it be done? or need to do it my self?
invalid: they are just not done, not "not working".
Dont work : 1.Palaika Injured Dragon. 2.Sanctum Of the Lords Of Dawn. …
fixed: Pk problem solved sorry my mistake
HTM: Updating Newbie Guide HTMLs in Gludio and Gludin, thanks malyelfik.
fix for some sysmsg.
Adventure Guildsman buffs / Creat Dual sword don`t woork you become no …
category ? Granboss (29001,6660,1,1,12,300000),-- Ring of Queen Ant …
dp for [L4455]
XML/SQL: Updating Clan Pledge/SubPledge skill trees a bit.
loto, thx malyelfik
fix for #5270 , thanks Ryouu
fix for #5271 , thanks LasTravel?
fix for #5276 , thanks LasTravel?
worksforme: there is no error in the spawnlist.sql . probably wrong updated file or …
When i leave Lahms Room nothing happend the next door don`t open. I have …
XML: Skill for... Freya, Freya Knights, Jinia & Kegor.
SQL: missing drop old table in sql update.
XML: minor typo fix thanks denser.
XML: Updating Baylor Skills.
XML: Updating Panther skills.
XML: Updating some summon buff skills, thanks Adry_85.
XML: Missing conditions in some skills and some other fixes.
XML: Updating Frintezza's Skills (some of they done by Adry_85 but …
XML: This skills use Grow effect.
Two fixes in L2AttackableAI. If mob is not mage/healer than it should not …
Fix for Tyrannosaur not attacking. Telnet help update + zone reload.
little typo, thx hope for reporting
Fix for faction id.
more sysmsg
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